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Hey friends! I have some exciting plans to share with you all! I don’t know what your current living situation is, but I’m 99% sure you don’t love EVERYTHING about your house, because most people don’t! Unless you built your house from scratch, there are going to be some design dilemmas. Maybe you have that one room that’s just an eyesore, but it’s always at the bottom of your priority list, so you hide it behind closed doors and pretend it doesn’t exist. Or maybe you HATE your entire house, but moving just isn’t in the budget! I don’t love every single thing about my house either. I’m guilty of comparing myself to strangers on the Internet. I have feelings of wanting more. But I always say, you have to try to be happy with what you have, while working for what you want. And then do a little at a time as you are able, to turn it into a place that you’ll love. That’s exactly what we have been doing with our little fixer upper. Next up for us is a modern farmhouse bathroom remodel with Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.



Here is the current state of our main bath. It’s probably not the worst seventies style mess you’ve ever seen. Because, as many of you know, we bought our home from a flipper and he fixed it up, knowing that kitchens and bathrooms are what sell houses. Judging by the looks of it, I would say he installed new tile, counters, and hardware, as well as gel staining the vanity. When we had our first walk through it met our expectations. After all, we were first-time home buyers looking for a starter house. But after we moved in we noticed some shortcuts the flipper had taken that we initially hadn’t during our walk through. For example, the vanity had been pieced together, which is why we started looking at Wellborn cabinets. Over time, some of the shower tile has also started to loosen from the wall. And the plaster on the wall has started to chip and peel. This has caused me to feel a little embarrassed when visitors use our bathroom. Remember, this is the main one we have! So in addition to the cosmetic changes we’d LIKE to make in here, we also NEED to make some structural changes.


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Most people will probably only update their bathroom once, maybe twice during their lifetime, if that! So it’s important that this bathroom remodel is something that we will still love years from now. As a home decor blogger, I see a lot of trends go in and out. I feel like my personal style would be characterized as modern farmhouse. This design integrates the clean lines of modern design with the cozy farmhouse aesthetic for a fresh take on country living. Made famous by Joanna Gaines, this style is known for it’s simplicity, warmth, and use of natural materials and textures. Speaking of Joanna Gaines, did anyone else shed a tear when they announced that this would be the last season of Fixer Upper?? One takeaway I got from this show was that the main pieces that were put into the homes, which are difficult and costly to replace, were classic pieces. And, the more trendy, farmhouse elements were mostly found in the accessories. That is what I hope to accomplish in our space. So as you can see from my mood board above, I have chosen to do a plank ceiling, shiplap walls, a clawfoot tub, and Wellborn Cabinets (which I want to talk more about with you today) for my main pieces, and I will decorate with farmhouse accessories that can easily be switched out.


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I’d like to talk to you about the reasons I’ve settled on using Wellborn cabinets for my bathroom remodel. This company has been around since the 1960’s. They are one of the leading residential kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturers. But with the many product lines produced by Wellborn Cabinet, and the customized offerings, they have solutions for just about any space you can dream up! They have endless options, but I love their new Aspire line. What I like most about it is the frameless cabinetry. Not familiar with frameless cabinetry or “full access” cabinetry? This type of cabinetry offers greater accessibility, along with more storage space, because it eliminates the face frame of the cabinet. The door hinges attach directly onto the sides of the cabinet box, so the cabinets have a sleek, minimalistic look. And there are a variety of styles of doors to choose from to best meet your needs. The Aspire Collection cabinet doors are made from the finest hardwood, and you can hand select the door to best match your bathroom, or whatever room it may be. The Medium Density Fiberboard Door Collection is perfect for paints. And the Decorative Laminate Veneer Door Collection is filled with a variety of color choices in melamine, textured melamine, acrylic, matte and gloss laminates, METAL, and so much more! On top of all this, Wellborn cabinets are competitively priced. They come with a lifetime warranty! And, Wellborn provides great service. Click here to find a Wellborn contractor, or here to find a Wellborn dealer.

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I hope this gave you some inspiration for your own dream bathroom! I appreciate you stopping by the blog today to see my plans for my modern farmhouse bathroom remodel with Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Check back soon to see the completed project. In the meantime, you can find inspiration on my powder rooms board on Pinterest here. Also be sure to follow me on Facebook here, and Instagram here for more free design ideas. And visit the Wellborn Cabinet, Inc website here to learn more about their quality products!