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Thanks for stopping by the blog. For the past few weeks I have been working on making our home holiday ready, with a little help from my friends at Babbleboxx. Today I am sharing the unboxing of my Home & Holiday Boxx and all the items inside that are sure to make guests feel right at home when they visit this season! These items have assisted me in cleaning, organizing, and making our home warm and inviting. From the snuggly sheets to the ambient lighting, our guests might never want to leave haha! Come along and I’ll provide you with links to find out more about each item, along with insider tips for where to get the best deals on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. It’s going to be like Christmas!!!



The first surprises in my boxx were a new robotic vacuum and a wireless phone charger from ECOVACS! I have never been so excited about appliances as these made me. Cleaning the floors is one of my least favorite chores, and the DEEBOT takes it off my to-do list. And now, when my husband springs it on me that company is coming over, I can use my phone to schedule or launch a cleaning at ANY TIME from ANYWHERE with the ECOVACS app! It’s also smart home compatible so you can sync it with Google Home or Amazon Smart Home systems like we already have, and make cleaning as simple as the voice command, “DEEBOT, start cleaning.” You can read more about this item here. It’s available online and at multiple retailers like Targets near you! And, the week of Cyber Monday, the ECOVACS DEEBOT 900 will be $100 off at participating retailers! You can visit ECOVACS website to see where to purchase.




The next item in my box was a Chesapeake Bay candle. These candles are soy wax blends so they deliver a clean burn which is a must for me. I love burning candles, just like my mom did when I was growing up, but I don’t want any soot left behind to stain my walls, and with these candles you don’t have to worry about issues like that. I got the Pumpkin Latte Small Jar Candle. It’s reminiscent of relaxing by a crackling fire and enjoying a warm latte while watching leaves fall (or snow in the case of my fellow Illinoisans). They also offer many other fall and holiday fragrances including: my favorite Balsam Fir, Cinnamon Spice, and Holiday Berry. You can visit Amazon to purchase.




Also in my Home & Holiday Boxx was a Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle from Brooklinen’s curated collection. It includes a buttery smooth sheet set, a duvet cover, and two extra pillowcases. We can always use linens at our house. And this set is Brooklinen’s most premium set for those such as ourselves, who are serious about comfort and luxury, but don’t want to pay luxury markups! What I like most about Brooklinens is that you can mix and match designs and colors of the sheets and duvet which gives you the freedom to change up how you style your bedroom, because I constantly like to change things up. You can use my unique url to purchase these linens and receive $20 off any order of $50 or more with the discount code: randi20 now through December 31st.




Next up was more neat technology, the Solo Color Plus, and the Element Color Plus two pack kit. My daughter has already staked her claim on the Solo Color Plus, which helps you experience entertainment in a unique way. It allows you to use the Sengled Pulse app on your phone to choose how light changes with music you’re playing. You just connect your device to Bluetooth and the Solo plays your favorite music, or acts as a speaker for your Echo Dot, which we also already have. I foresee lots of dance parties in our future with this technology! The two pack kit also lets you customize your lighting through the Sengled Home app. It’s perfect for when you’re out of town and want to schedule your lights to turn on and off in the evenings to mimic the look of being home and to ward off intruders. Sengled products can be purchased here. From Black Friday through December 31st you can buy an Echo device and get an Element Classic 2pk A19 for $10, or save 25% to 30% on select products. On Cyber Monday you can save a total of 35% off for 24hrs on select Element products like the Echo Dot v2/v3, and Echo v2 bundle with Element Classic 2 pack kit.




Another useful item in my boxx was the Smooth Top non-adhesive shelf liner. These are perfect for use in pantries, kitchen cabinets, and drawers, under sinks, in dresser drawers, and more. I got the white because I love everything white. But these come in a variety of colors and styles. They are also available in 12” and 20” widths, and retail for just $5 or $6 a roll. You can find them at online retailers nationwide. Here is a link to the product . For more information and additional organizing tips go to the Duckbrand website.




Last but not least was an adorable 25” Iced Mini Pine Tree. I love using these when decorating for Christmas or winter. They’re such an easy way to add farmhouse charm to mantles or tabletops. These particular trees have a high tip count which adds to their realistic look. I like how they are lightly flocked, or dusted with snow. And I love the vintage feel of the galvanized pot. These are available at Christmas Central, which has tons of holiday and everyday décor products, from small ornaments to 40’ Christmas trees! If you’re a décor enthusiast like myself, I highly recommend you check them out.



Well, that’s it for my Home & Holiday Boxx. Thank you for following along with me for the unboxing. I hope you loved everything as much as I do. And I hope I gave you some ideas to help get your homes holiday ready. Each of these items would also make great gift ideas for the special people in your lives. So, when you’re done giving thanks next week, it’s time to get your shop on! And, whether you plan to do your shopping in stores, online, or both, you can use this guide to help you!