Mornin, Pumpkin! If you’re hopping over from Bree’s home (click here) or Carissa’s home (click here), welcome, and thanks for stopping by! I am so thankful to my friends Taylor @uniquelytaylormade and Lindsay @AratariAtHome for inviting me to be a part of not one, but TWO Autumn blog hops! I want to thank them for all the hard work that went into hosting! With their help, my friends and I have pulled our fall decor together early to bring you lots of ideas! So whether you're the type to decorate early, or you prefer to wait until the first official day of fall (September 22nd but who’s counting), or just until the weather cools off, I hope you'll all find some inspiration here. Please pin and share your favorite ideas! Let's get started!

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This year I am focusing on my front porch and entryway for my fall home tour, but I will be sharing photos of the rest of my decor on my home away from home, Instagram, @randilynnblog. If you followed me on there over the summer, you know that I updated the exterior of my house. This was a goal that I shared on last year’s tour. We painted the house white using a HomeRight sprayer, replaced the entry door with this one from Ceola Farmstead, redid the front porch, built DIY board and batten shutters, and added light fixtures from Steel Lighting Co. And I’m so excited to have completed the project just in time to showcase it with some holiday decorations! This year I tried something a little different with my decor and kept everything neutral, as opposed to using my traditional fall colors. And I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun capturing these photos…even though it was a balmy 90 degree day!

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I, being the basic white girl that I am, visited my local garden center the other day with my Starbucks PSL in hand. If you're local, you need to check out Woldhuis Farms Sunrise Greenhouse. They grow over 100,000 mums there. You can pick them out of a catalog with photos organized by color and according to whether or not they are early, mid season, or late bloomers. I think the early bloomers are the best reflection of me lol, so I stocked up on several of those. This is also my one stop shop for kale, pumpkins of all varieties, corn stalks and hay bales. You should see my car where I leave! My motto is MORE is MORE! Just hoping the squirrels, rabbits, and crickets don’t wreak havic on this space like they did last year.

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Inside I’ve kept it pretty simple. I wanted the decor in my entryway to be pretty and functional, so that visitors have a place to hang their coat or sit down to remove their shoes (yes, unless you’re Joanna Gaines you need to remove your shoes at the door). It used to be that I didn't want anyone to touch my decorations but I'm moving more and more towards functionality. I guess that’s what becoming a mother does that to you! Anyway, one of the easiest ways that I change the look of this space or any space for the different seasons is with throw pillows. I’ve added these patchwork pillows this year, and I love that because they’re neutral they can be paired with any color scheme I choose. As always, I want my fall decor to match the rest of my home, which is farmhouse style. But more and more I am finding myself craving natural, earthy decor elements, as opposed to buying tons of mass produced items at the store like I used to.

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Well friends, that concludes my fall home tour. I hope that you found some ideas to incorporate into your own decor. If you want to comment, I would love to hear what your favorite part of my home tour was. Below is a preview of both tours that I am a part of! Now you get to choose your own path. You can continue to Kourtni @Houseonlongwoodlane (click here) for more entryway decor, or hop over to Brendt’s home @shegaveitago (click here) for dining room inspiration if you missed it yesterday! Happy fall, ya’ll!


Summer Home Tour

When I was a little girl I would watch HGTV all day. I’d ask my parents for books with house plans and dream of the possibilities of decorating them. I shopped catalogs and cut out pieces I liked to create mood boards, and then I created space plans on graph paper. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t your normal kid. And now that I'm an adult, not much has changed. I would say that my style is craftsman/farmhouse. I get a lot of inspiration from Joanna Gaines, as well as my talented Instagram friends' home décor accounts.


My husband and I purchased our first home a few years ago. Our little starter house was built in the 1980s. We are told that our house sat abandoned for many years. We actually bought it from a flipper, and we have continued to make updates throughout the last two years. I can remember walking through the house for our first showing. I knew then that awkward window placement was going to be one of my biggest obstacles when decorating, especially in the bedrooms. All of the bedrooms have single windows that are off center on the wall. So deciding on window treatments and placement of furniture, especially our king sized bed in our master, was a challenge. I just tried to free up the windows from the furniture. I hung the curtain rod several inches above the window to make the ceilings look higher. And I used wall décor to create visual balance, and mirrors to bounce light around the room.


I’ve had the most fun styling my living room. It houses several of my DIY projects. When I’m sitting in there I feel a great sense of pride in what we’ve done with it. My most recent DIY project is the shiplap wall my husband and I did. Then there are the open shelves that frame the window that my dad helped me build, which add so much dimension to the room. At one time there was a chicken crate turned coffee table in there, as well as an electrical spool turned clock.  I have a booth at our local antique mall where I sell vintage and vintage inspired decor and I had intended to sell both the chicken crate and the spool clock at first but I fell in love with them. That’s the thing I like about having a booth – that it inspires me to take risks with décor that I might not have taken otherwise.

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There are lots of décor trends that I currently love! This includes all white farmhouse kitchens, open shelving, and shiplap walls, among other things. Another trend that I love is repurposing vintage pieces and mixing them with new décor. My favorite vintage pieces are my chippy, white shutters in my dining room/kitchen. I love how each piece has its own story to tell. They remind me of times gone by, of things my mom and grandmother had when I was growing up. I love breathing new life into old pieces by finding new uses for them.


An interior décor trend that I’m not a fan of is using a lot of color or patterns, unless you’re decorating for the holidays. I mostly stick to neutrals that my seasonal décor will mesh well with, and add traditional colors each season. I think it’s still possible to create enough interest when decorating with neutrals. I recommend using different materials and textures to create interest, and layering décor with rugs, throws, pillows, etc. But that’s just me. I’m sure there are things about my house that people aren’t fans of. There are things I still want to change as well, like replacing the carpet with hardwood. But sometimes you have to be happy with what you have while working for what you want!


The first tip I have for people who are decorating their homes is to get rid of the clutter and things you don’t need anymore. Decluttering can help you make room for things that you love! Next, If you’re decorating on a budget, which most of us are, do a little bit at a time, maybe take it one room at a time. And finally, instead of buying all new, try reinventing outdated finishings or upcycling thrifted finds with paint. Our outdated kitchen and bathroom cabinets were given a new lease on life with a refinishing kit and new hardware. I’d like to do the same thing in my laundry room soon. The mixture or old and new décor can help you create a look that is personal in houses that are full of uniform and mass produced pieces.

My favorite quote to hang in my home would have to be “Love grows best in little houses with fewer walls to separate. Where you eat and sleep so close together, you can’t help but communicate. And, if we had more room between us, think of all we’d miss. Love grows best in little houses just like this.”