Rustic Meadows Home is now offering flat rate design packages...all created to fit YOU and YOUR budget!!!  Look them over and find the one that fits your needs! If you don't see what you're looking for, message me about customizable hourly rate projects, including special event styling and decor, or personal shopping for specific products.   


Do you feel like your home isn't where it could be, or where it should be? Maybe you have a new home and you’re overwhelmed by all of the decisions that go along with that? This package is a full-service experience, with face-to-face collaboration, for the local-ish client, in need of help navigating this process. Together we will take your house to its' full potential, and create a finished home that feels totally like matter what your taste or your style is.


Do you feel like your space is stagnant but you’re too busy to do anything about it? Maybe you need a fresh pair of eyes to come in and look at your space, and help you shake things up a bit or think outside the box? With this one day design package I can help you restyle existing decor or tackle all kinds of various projects. We’ll find new looks, colors, functions, storage solutions, styles and more. It’s these final touches that will really make your room come alive!


Do you get stressed by all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays? It’s no secret that Randi hearts the holidays! So let me help you take the Grinchiness out of the season with this package. I will have your home feeling warm and cozy in no time flat. We can repurpose your current decor, shop for new items at affordable prices, or a bit of both. Whether you prefer neutral colors or traditional, together we will create a space that's just "magical" for any season you choose.


Do you imagine what you want your home to look and feel like but don't know how to fully execute that? If you need a little assistance, but aren’t exactly close-by, Rustic Meadows Home conveniently offers e-design at your fingertips. I’ll do the behind the scenes work and you bring the ideas to life. This package is perfect for those who don’t mind ordering and staging themselves. The best part is you can work at a pace you're comfortable with!